Omega Master Replica Watch

This replica Omega is not your average Omega Seamaster replica watch. It’s a vintage model replica and a good one too. It’s such a different design and looks and it’s big and bulky and a totally different case shape than what your average Omega got us used to. It’s a fun piece nevertheless and even more so unique. Thing with this kind of fake Omega watches is that they’re not on the top preference list for many of us.


The movement is Japanese automatic self-winding with a good power reserve so if worn daily or every other day there shouldn’t be any worries about setting it as time is kept well. This translates into a sweeping of the seconds hand just like the original would have. Small date window at 6 o’clock is easy to set and does the date job very well.

You’ll see in one of the pics below that they back case is see-through and it allows you to see the movement and simple engraved Omega rotor move around.
If we study the dial of the replica, we see that the markings regarding the brand and its features are identical to the ones printed on the original dial. The font and the size are correctly stamped on the simple black coated Omega Seamaster dial, just that the color appears to be a little bit faded which is a huge negative aspect.

But the rest of the Seamaster replica watch is rich in authenticity markings that make it very similar to the authentic product. For instance, the full solid stainless steel band features a simple and robust clasp that is engraved with the company’s logo and name, just as the caseback which say Seamaster and has the iconic Omega seahorse embossed.

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