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The latest Rolex watches for 2022 have been released, and the one that fascinates me the most is the stunning new Datejust 31. Its exterior design color matches the blue flower-patterned dial, and it is treated with three finishes: sunburst, matte, and grained, making the whole dial appear more dynamic. This timepiece piece incorporates an exceptionally high level of processing technology, showing a very delicate dial-making process. At the same time, we can see that the 24 diamonds of different shapes have raised the level of the dial and illuminated the position of the stamens.


The latest version of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 is available in three styles: white gold and steel with a sky blue flower-patterned dial, triangular anti-pattern bezel, and Oyster strap; 18ct yellow gold with olive green flower-patterned dial with 46 round diamonds on the bezel and heads of state strap; Everose gold and steel with a silver flower-patterned dial with 46 round diamonds on the bezel, commemorative strap; these three models The styles are all charming, and the design is very reasonable, which is shocking.


As we all know, the Datejust is one of the most classic Rolex watches, and it is memorable in terms of function and aesthetics. Since its inception in 1945, this watch has been the world’s first self-winding waterproof chronometer-certified watch with a date window at 3 o’clock.


The Datejust watch can have laid the foundation for the development of modern looks, embodying Rolex’s significant innovations at that time. Over the years, Rolex has maintained a lasting aesthetic that makes it one of the most recognizable watches. The most notable thing about Rolex is the combination of gold and oyster steel. It is precisely because of the combination of the two that the watch is more elegant, shiny, and sturdy, and its performance is also excellent.

This Datejust 31 in white gold and steel, with a sky blue flower-patterned dial and an Oyster bracelet, adds to the look. The outer ring is mainly cast in white gold and water-resistant to 100 meters. It is primarily a model of sturdiness and elegance. The middle case is principally thrown from a solid piece of Oystersteel alloy or 18Ct gold, which is extremely difficult to erode. The mirror surface is primarily made of anti-reflective blue crystal, which is not easily scratched. There is also a tiny convex window lens at the three o’clock position, making it easy to read the calendar. The best thing is that the waterproof Oyster case of the watch gives the best protection to the movement.


The Rolex watchmaker uses the brand’s unique tool to screw the fine grooved bottom cover to seal the case, so only the Rolex watchmaker can access the movement. The double-lock winding crown has a double waterproof system and is firmly screwed to the patient.

The 18ct yellow gold model features an olive green flower-patterned dial and a President strap. The President strap with three solid links is specially designed for the well-known Oyster Perpetual Day-Date launched in 1956. It is only cast in 18ct gold or 950 platinum. Exclusive strap.

New Everose Gold and Steel with Silver Flower Dial and Jubilee Strap. The five-link Jubilee strap is flexible and comfortable. It is a strap specially designed and released by Rolex for the Oyster Perpetual Datejust in 1945.


The white gold-steel Oyster bracelet is equipped with a folding Oysterclasp. The buckle is also equipped with an easy-to-adjust link extension system developed by Rolex. The wearer can easily extend the bracelet by about 5 mm. The President strap of the 18ct yellow gold model is equipped with an elegant concealed folding crown buckle. The strap is embedded with ceramic components, making the belt more flexible and sturdy. This buckle is also available on the Jubilee strap of the Everose gold and steel version.

All three models are equipped with concealed lugs to ensure a seamless visual connection between the strap and the case.

The new Datejust 31 is equipped with the caliber 2236, launched in 2014, developed and manufactured entirely by Rolex, and installed in this collection in 2018. The self-winding movement has obtained several patents, fully reflecting Rolex’s innovative technology and excellent watchmaking technology, and has been further improved in terms of precision and reliability, power reserve, shock resistance, and ease of use. Good.


Caliber 2236 houses the Syloxi hairspring made and patented by Rolex. The patented geometry of this silicon hairspring ensures that the movement remains regular in every position.

The movement has a built-in paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus escape wheel. The balance spring assembly of the action is equipped with a high-performance Paraflex cushioning device designed and patented by Rolex to improve the shock resistance of the movement.

Rolex is proud to present the new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 with a stunning flower-patterned dial. The pattern consists of 24 flowers in three finishes, sunray, matte, or grain, reminiscent of a free-growing summer meadow. A diamond is set in the center of each flower for a dazzling brilliance.

These pieces are processed by high-tech finishing, showing exquisite and delicate dial-making craftsmanship. At the same time, diamonds of different sizes make the dial more dazzling and moving, like crystal dew condensed in flowers.


This watch is the latest in 2022, with the best design and processing. Rolex presents a new masterpiece of the eye, showing the brand’s valuable spirit of aggressiveness and innovation in watchmaking.


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