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Replica Omega Butterfly Flying series Imitation of the Swiss 2500 movement set the logo. The movement splints the Geneva ripple. The coarse looks really similar. But careful identification will also uncover flaws. The Omega 2500 Shock absorber is a gourd shape. And this TMD is alive is a miyota9015 machine said that finished. Let’s talk about the desirable place. The first piece followed. Look at the picture lettering. Sanding can reach original standard. Furthermore, the lettering on the deck of the movement, the lettering is the edge of the outer ring. They all shone on the original.Finish talking about the appearance of 9015 advantage. The movement is relatively swatch and resistant in all common forms of imitation. It’s a Japanese-imported movement, after all. The grinding appearance of the movement is also quite satisfactory. And the movement is thin. To fly into a butterfly, this type of thin-thickness sheet does not affect the thickness of the appearance.

So the 9015 movement is also a favorite of many ultra-thin watches. In general, the Mk 2500 movement did not give people a stunning feeling. It’s just a word. The courage to close the original heart is worth encouraging …  Hope to continue to improve after it! The movement is here. Let’s look at the literal. Because it is genuine open grinding. Appearance can be comparable to authentic. There is no deviation from each angle (the picture comes from the network screenshot.) Because of the visual error caused by the shooting of light, the contrast of the dial is negligible: It can be noted that there is a line on the hands. Mk did not overlook this detail.

Replica omega

Until the second hand is automatically gone, adjust the calendar when the handle axis is dialed to position B. Rotate the handle axis to adjust the calendar. If the calendar adjusts between 2:00, the next day’s calendar may no longer change. Adjust the time to press the handle axis to C position. Rotate the handle axis to adjust the time. At the same time, pay attention to correct adjustment of the corresponding morning or afternoon parts of the structure of the movement is as follows: Look for several 9015-calibre watches. Brand to see for themselves. It’s a brand sticker. I’ll write the price. Everyone recognized the replica watches can go to a treasure to search the price 1, its brand Taobao flagship store price 4780. Rob. This one only pastes his movement. Polish it. Carve a word. The price is 2880 Yuan. Unkind 3, the third paragraph and domestic brands,call it a cottage. Get a 9015 on top and hit the Swiss made. Quote above 2500 and domestic brand. Price: 2380 5, domestic Japanese brand. Let’s call it a moment. Rub People’s name: Quote 3688 finished the MA excellent Tower 9015 movement will be introduced. We’re looking at the copy of the complex.

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